My family album


Yes, once upoin a time i had quite a large group of adults. Only 3 of us were kids that i remember uncle Bob and rose's kids Susie 2 years younger than myself and her brother Bobby they claled him Rocly. 4 years older than me ,There were 5 sisters on Grandmother's side and Serena their mom My Great Grandmother the sisters all had husbands my great uncles Doris and edyy,Veronica and Homer, Buster and Marquerite, Honey and Ray and there were others rays sister and a bunch of others they were all older than my mother by a generation i found a unch of pics and some video of the holidays that my granny used to love and she had decoratins for everything for both levels of the house! she had 2 Christmas trees! i was doted on the pic i found of my mom and her dad nd honey she looks alot like Alicia Vikander to me . My mother is stil a beautiful woman, i got my father's looks,

Mom and me movied in with nana after she left my father ( who was married to the USMC) and they gussied me up and took took her on her rounds whole my mother worked at madison high school in the office + Fran who worked in the print center at pcc knew here when she was a student and brought me a clip form the shcool paper she worked on

my mom was who raised me and she is a Saint my Angel who has reallyy helped me my whole life

my Father i did not ever know til i was 21 i heard stories fgot some letters from the Vietnam but Sharon married a new guy Bill Beckman when i was 6, the wedding was like a scene from goodfellas but played by jewish people Lester Bill;s father was kn own in the 40's here in pdx as "The Slot Machine King "a gangster who ran gambling and other enterprises when they sent him out west from Chicago until the city decided to clean up and lester did a 2 year sentence for Tax Evasion when he was released he started a coin op vending machine.So for the first time i had some cousins and other kids around step brother jim and sister Karen they came to stay the summers yp from california. The whole thing lasted 4 years and i dont have many pics ready of that bunch but we did alot of regular family stuff and these guys had money boats cabins at the mountain hood area Bill worked for the vending business and owned bars and thats the reason i grew up in the West Hills when that meant affluence my mom wasa real head turning woman and quite a catch. see more here on page 2

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