Matthew T McCourt -Flourishing In Obscurity Since 1959 the true and tiresome story of my life


still under construction but im workin on it every weekend this is the museum of modern matt

Matt McCourt's Story 30 minutes each grab a bevvy and watch

this shows cover my life in music from 1959 - 2020


Matt has been entertaining people since he was age 4. Music ,Video ,Bombastic outrage ,SongWriting and playing all the instruments neccessary to make a complete band IF he had enough limbs to do that. His "obstacle" has always been finding others with the same drive, ambition and dedication to join him ... who live within 1000 miles!

As an only child I learned to entertain myself early on more often other people tend to slow the progress .I proved that between 2001 -2007 when i wrote,recorded and released more than 150 songs in 4 genres and styles with my friend Bryce Van Patten. Music came easy and early. My Grandfather's side of the family were working musicians in the 40's playing swing at the dance clubs all around the Rose City.He had drumsticks in my hands age 5 and lessons by age 7 By age 4 I was a hardcore Beatles Fan my mom got me out of bed to see them on Ed Sullivan and said I wanna do that! mom got me the records by that already she did not know what to do withme we had no children in the family so she had no expeience with babies . There were only 2 other kids in the family, they both died from cancer age 11 Susie who was 3 years younger than me and Rocky age 20 he was older and ( i have him playng mattison" in the mattison Aveno show family movies deadmen never say no.... lol ( of the 5 sisters in my grandmother's family only 2 had children yes i was the darling of the group being young and cute ( my mother's words not mine and a big hit with the 4 great aunties but all of them including the men were dead b the time i turned 22 except aunt catherine the oldest of the 5 sisters never married and is in the guiness world record book as being the oldest living virgin in the USA but the way she spoke of her drunk father i think there were some skeletons in the closet she was a telephone pioneer when the tech was new prior to that time the only intercontinental method of cimmunication were letters and the postal service ( to me the usps is one of the wondersof the world drop a packageat a counter buy it a ticket and it shows up halfway round the world and one reason im entitled to write this so thank you postmaster general!



Sports and music were my activities. I was offered a scholarhip to a prestigious college prep shool(Jesuit high) for my head bashing abilities on the football field. Too young to start when first went out at age 10 the endurance training was brutal! like boot camp! older kids dropped out by day 3 i made it a week before they asked me when my birthday was and and i was a year too young and they asked me to come back next year, i did and it kicked my ass then too but i made the team the only 6th grader on the team in years ... and the thing that made me tough as nails the rest of my life and i needed it cuz it was pretty soft up til then the coach Gene Newton was like Elvis presley as a rodeo riding USMC drill sergeat he had us "chickenfight" each other at practice in "Ring of Blood "

my Grandfather was a boxing trainer/manager who had the world champ bantam boxer by 1965 and i spent a good deal of time on the weekend in the ring punching out my uncle (my gramps son by another woman my grandpa was a pro drummer untl the doctor found a black spot on his lung from spending years in a smoky dance hall playing swing to dancing people inthe 1940's recounted in a great book called "Jumptown" the golden years of Portland jazz 1942-1957 by Robert Dietsche) That side of the family were musicians and performers.Uncle Homer welch(married to one of the 5 sisters Veronica who was mistaken for Veronica Lake often. I remember her looking like Holland Taylor in the Netflix series Hollywood- one of my favorites) Homer was a drummer in town and a radio star on NBC radio and landed a big time NBC radio gig in Burbank ( when television was just starting he was offered a tv show and turned it down claiming " it is only a science experiment radio will ever be replaced by that -the show he turned down became the ground breaking Ernie Kovacs show im oretty sure it was a regret he never lived down and died from alcoholism while managing a motel in Monterrey Ca. ) his friend was Hank Ketcham a neighbor of his in San Francisco who painted Dennis The Menace on his bass drum when he played with the Columbia records Jazz band in the bay area i saw it on a trip to San Francisco with my Gramps i was 6 years old but rememeber the train ride and great Aunt number 3 Doris and staying with her in her house in Salinas.

in High School I had bands that played school dances (and made more money per gig than the last 10 years!) talent shows and community centers writing songs by age 13 and recording in the infamous basement the year i "graduated " from a public high school 2 years before a bandmate had turned a flashpot on me in that basement and burned me real good including my luxurious girl catchng hair! my scholarship and any chances at the same deal for college went up in flames from greg allman to older bernie taupin in a fash of fire. it made me a freak ,my long hair went woosh and as did my social life so i adopted the right clothes and became the " Rocker Dude" in my hippie grateful dead and jazz filled school n the west side BUT on the other side of town i was accepted as a trendmaker but where ilived it was a bit stuffy a a place where other kid's parents would "sit me down for a talk" about my future doing their best to crush my dream of being a celebrity ( while they had already preplanned their children's future careers by age 10 ( i tell ya... when you go down the crossroads to make the deal with the man in the bigblack car MAKE SURE YOU ask for the RICH part say that LOUDER than the word FAMOUS,,,, because if yo only get one of those take the money you canalways roba bank and be famous but money > than fame... by a long shot, Dont get ne wrong it was very pleasing to my EGO having strangers come up and sing whips and chains and baseball bats into my ear at 10 db but it doesnt buy a bus ride across town.

HIGH school lived up to its name like everything i do i seem to read up on the subject Before i do anything(drugs were no different) i love manuals and today if yo dont RTFM first you might mess up your elctodiamisteral chronotopier . i got a football scholarship to a private college prep school Jesuit high in portland and it paid for PART of the tuition the rest i had to work off with the landscape /grounds maintenance excavation crew from Jun- Sept The Schoool lived up to their promise of 3 hours per homework per night AFTER football practice but my previous 3 years got me in good shape. The priest i had worked for in the summer crew was Father Mctighe a former Irish boxer and literary scholar who looked like he would kick your ass but never saw him do that it was tough memorizing poems and storries we had to be prepared to take over the memory recitation when picked on at any stanza or stay after school to clean the place they called THAT the Jug list. if you were really a twit in a class theyd send ya down to the discipline office and theyd take a swing at your back end with a softball bat and announce it over the PA in every room so we could go witness the punishment and the embarrased student I never got that or JUG i hate bein in trouble i really dont liked to give them anymore of my time than required that i could be playing guitar. The sophomore year i waited out the summer and they caved on the supplement cuz they needed footballers and i played in bands with teachers and older students. the third year my ploy was working again and i had a starting position on the varsity team BUT the band i was playing with Snapper ( because we stole a lawnmower sign and used that as our band sign and our drum riser was a table from a nearby park maybe i was that Karma thing or just bein an idiot with a flashpot that my mother had told me NOT to use in the basement the guitaist giggled and i saw a flash of flame and i was on fire gunpowder and magnesium my long hair was burned up and my eyebrows bd lashes skin on my hands abd fingernails blown off in the blast hair and skin stinks when burnt nt sociall life with the hottie wife around the corner was dine in a flash and so was my high school football career yep my frined's stepmom Pat Dicey was having a great fling with me, i was a 17 year old long blonde horny shy guy and wow i learned alot from that and had a wonderful 7 months of physical fun. But i looked and felt like a freak! i had the first rock star haircut by fire! I couldnt wipe my own arse with the palms being burned and school was set to start in a few weeks yes it did a number on my psyche and i wasinto alice cooper so i went tiping to the side of freaky weirdo as i returned to classesw with the people i didnt like in grade school ( i never fit in with those kids and now im even more way out.

so i switched to the local public high school where the advanced curricullum was pedestrian,easier than first year English at Jesuit ( when i brought my mechanics of english language book the teacher was floored that was advanced senior class stuff)i was accused of cheating, the pocket protector crowd class i tested into tossed me in with the violin and briefcase people who probaby were more freaky than i would ever be - in their own way.i skipped alot of class andstill passed the tests and had to attend night school senior year to graduate but the girls on the other side of town were alit more advanced and it turned out to be a really good time that month of night school. i gave a few girls rides home and we didnt always go straight home!, i was destined to be ROCKSTAR i figured that would solve all my social problems andpeopel woudl envy me and that must have been important to me aorund this time i met MIke landauer later becoming Mick Zane of the metal band Malice and he sold weed to a guy named tom Roberts who later became Tom PIG Champion and was with the kings of punk Poison Idea he was our roadie and flashpot tech apparently i didnt get the scare of fire onstage we played all kinds of parties and gigs that summer playing judas priest and scorpions while they were still only available on import but me and tom were into punk rock and he trned me onto the Mentors and Motorhead and punl bands i had only read about in cheezy magazines. and i was writing my own songs in the new wave style and recording them on my gear in the basemment a cassette deck and a reel to reel borrowed from a school a wilson student was warehouse manager at Bi amp a company that made power amps and mixing boards ( formerly Sunn amps and he would back door deals to people for some weed and blow that was abundant at the time. The tpaes i made in the basement id force people to play at parties hahaha i was pushy eric frey was playing drums y lifelong school pal who i tripped with 100 times on good vitamin C lsd or blotter that was made in class at REEED college LSD played a huge part in my mental transition form 9th grade all the way thru 4 years the frirst trip i had was given to me by Brian Spooner his brother Mark was the guitarist for the band the tubes all 14 of us in home room had this experience and it changed my perception and tore down all the walls of what i was told and taught my entire life ( that trait still holds me in the seat of power in my life ) the concept of god changed from a man's business to real spirituality. existentialism became a way of thinking i questioned our purpose and after 50 years i realized there is no magic man to thank you only have yourself to blame or patyou on your own back nobody gives yu a damn thing right time right place is a real deal but it is what you do with it my mother liked fortune tellers i do not wnat anyone telling me bullshit it would get in the way of my recognizing opportunities i didnt expect and turned down because i was told by some idiot something else they guessed at i was waiting for TRUST your own instinct is my advice. i always said i didn twanna go to college and after seeing some of the side effects of university life i might have made the right choice .

I kept recordingin the basement til i met Rob Sample who owned a studio a real one with 8 tracks and recorded my first 2 songs they got airplay on the KBOO station and was introduced to the local scene at the new wave club the Lng Godbye and put a band together and stated gigging i had started teaching tom roberts guitar chords he had a great collection of guitars and amps from " trades " for weed and blow( like i said it was abundant and i said y9u should learn to play those things i learned alot from tom. he had a great brain,i introduced him to Eric frey who played drums on my songs and wa also a punk rock record collector i knew they would be friends and in not time they were in a band eric the only one with any experience as a pro by age 16 Eric taught me how to sing too . 40 years ago this week my band was performong at the long goodbye when Mt St Helens blew it's top. we played every week made a lot in beer and some gas money too enough to be included in the book portland underage about the underground scene here its a weird week man the almighty Steve Hanford died from a freaky heart attack the punk rock scene is dying off fast and furious like hair coming out in chunks the ld crew is thinning out already a weird time with the covid 19 its like a conspiracy agains the over 50 crowd. many already hit the stop button from different causes over the past 17 years. at age 20 i never thought anyone of us would perish from anything than old age but Heroin hadn't made it's way into the lives of people yet when johnny thunders played here at Urban noize one of 2 clubs that allowed this type of music and his rider included a heroin fix prior to the show Nobody knew where to get it - mexican drug dealers hadn't yet infected the sidewalks in downtown. Starry night and Satyricon didnt exist until years later. by then it was easier to come by than soda pop .

Meanwhile there was a new thing goin on called metal and it called my name loud and clear im a musician first so music is what i dod and whatever style is just another music style. and Mike Landauer came back into the picture i now im jumping across the ravers record to the wild dogs and the new stuff. so i shall return to this i feel like ive covered my life 5 times already in videos