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MATTHEW T. McCOURT's self indulgent music/film/video/comedy autobiographical history- from age 18

1978--RUDE AWAKENINGMick Zane(Malice)import metal cover band priest scorps ac/dc budgie rush

1979- Eric Frey/mccourt- recorded 2 songs full color woman and changed rob sample engineer/producerfirst sessions


1979-VIOLATORS another early metal/punk cover band Jay Reynolds Mike Tuttle.later in the year matt records solo new wave project produced by radio and tv personality Rob Sample gets the attention of producer Andy Mckaie of MCA


1980-RUDE AWAKENINGII- with 2 recording sessions under his belt matt forms a band Dave Phillips Bill Melton Rob Sample.they record a 5 song demo and perform live at the long goodbye in portland the first punk/new wave club in town later that year matt promotes his firstr big concert with billy rancher and the maLCHICKS, AND ALOST

1981-THE RAVERS- releases I was a teenage rock-n-roller for matchbox records w/Jay Reynolds(MALICE))on guitar. Great reviews in Billboard, Cashbox, produced by ANDY MCKAIE (MCA/universal

1981-DMZ- originally a ravers band to fulfill dates before the eartshaking? lp broke up the original ravers. Mick Zane(malice) Pete Holmes(Black-n-Blue) Jeff horton(wild Dogs)let me join em and we came out with a 4 song demo blueprint version of I don't wanna die and I hate discipline from evil genius/dr mastermind

1982-WILD DOGS Dan Kurth Jeff Horton Pete Holmes &Jaime St. James(drums)- the band records a 5 song demo that gets them a space on varney's 2nd compilation which turns into a 2 lp deal

1982wild dogs phase ii : records and releases album # 1 it is a hit with the hip press and writes their name on the wall and the encyclopedia of heavy metal vol 1 they tour the west coast and makes a name with an exciting stage show that combines elements borrowed from punk and heavy metal as one of the first crossover acts. Seattle crowds went crazy on bills with Randy Hansen, TKO,Culprit,The bondage boys

1983-Wild Dogs shares the bill on tour with Slayer, Metal Church, Anthrax ,Raven, Girlschool,Dio, Ywngwie, and record and release Man's Best friend produced by Mike Varney the original demos are raw and true to the original vision.the dogs appear on usmetal vol 3&4 with songs Never Gonna Stop and Burnin Rain matt appears on the cover of 2 louies, a local portland rag the group regularly sells out the starry night with only 2 bands on the bill

1984-EVIL GENIUS taking a left turn from a band with several directions in mind matt splits from the wild dogs and forms EVIL GENIUS the set consists of songs intended for the 3rd dogs album longtime friend Kip Doran on guitar sounds like shenker. Ken goldstein or Umlout an old school chum is on bass,his roomate-drummer Ben Linton (later Testaments' drum tech )and chris jacobsen on guitar 2 the band was motorhead with meody wrote one european fanzine the entire band wore wigs and looked like the overweight male equivalent to ELVIRA the hooror hostess. touring the west coast and meeting up with the mentors in seattle. A full length album was recorded but never released officially. It is considered a classic by some you may be able to get a copy here

1985 -Mayhem Replacing singer Nick Damis matt joined what broke off into the most prolific and well known version of Punk kings -Poison idea with mutual pal "pig chAmpion"-Tom Robinson( who matt taught guitar when Tom was a flash pot roadie for Rude Awakening in 78.) Mayhem released Burning yourself alive on Black Dragon records (France)in 1986 the Band was the support act in the nw for Megadeth's peace Sells tour with KIng Diamond. and the Accused Drummer slayer Hippy went on to become a well respected record producer and promoter. The record contained a song that appeared on the evil Genius tape and another version on DR. Mastermind

1986-DR. Mastermind Completely re writing all of the "censored "lyrics from evil genius, losing a coupla good friends in the cutthroat biz of rok-n-roll, determined to get these songs out. accepted Mike Varney's rigid termsof anonymity and editing. Deen was rescued from a life in rural Oregon in exchange for playing on the dr.'s album. and a place in tony macalpines band. across the hall from neal schon and bad english, where he went next.and Curt James guitarist is now a jaco pastorius freak and has dedicated his life to the bass and is currently in spain. this group played only one show in the original lineup (it is available on video -here) matt has performed with curt and other drummersin different configs of this group. most recent was 1990 with paul dreyer on drums at Allied Artists matt's warehouse/nightclub many other versions of this band included Michael Brown, Datsun Boy Tom parenteau(bludgeon),mark laskowkski, Scott spencer,seth goldstein,rick hoffert steve hanford. *1999 curt james and pete laufman perform on usmetal tv after a chance meeting with pete and michael at a bangin moon gig.

1989-Allied artists/wild dogs -a rehearsal facility matt started to create a musical community for like minded pros who needed pracrtice and performance space. national touring acts played concerts he promoted :Wrathchild America,Agony Column, Apochrypha, many locals as well as 8 rehearsal rooms full lights and pa 10,000 square feet in a live in situation wild dogs had another run after a reunion with Deen during a break in the Bad English/Whitesnake tour.

pepople.Wild Dogs have written 25 new songs since the last session in october 99 and are demoing them in now some songs wil be available by july at to sample we plan on recording 2 cds featuring al new songs and possibly a remake or 2 of a Dr Mastermind Or Wild Dogs tune from our live set which has songs from every era representing the 20 year path of matt mccourt.




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