Ace of Spades Matt McCourt's tribute to Motorhead and Lemmy 2007- 2015 Vido Sinn guitar Dave Hathaway drums 1 album motormusik tibute to motorhead




From a love of my favorite and and Lemmy i decided to start a MOTORHEAD tribute band to start playing live after 5 years of constant recording.( the CMF 5 near chicago the only show in that period) it came together quick and we were off booked within a month with Time Hastay Drums ) and Jason Moser (Guitar- from Splintered Throne ) a few months later i got the call from Germany for a Wild Dogs to appear at the German heavy metal fest Headbangers Open Air and focused on that for the next 3 years it was a Wild Dogs original member re union that tipped the scale back to the lemmy tribute and revamped the lineup to include SINN guitarist Vido Sinn and Drummer Dave Hathaway An ambuitious 3 times per week rehearsal schedul and shows every weekend for 2 years solid yileded some great original tunes( the Pain Before you die is available on itunes and a few cd titles ) the mistake was listening to some young guys who wanted us to play wild dogs music and in short order the group burned out at our peak after recording a yet to be released tribte album in 2012

Members 2010- 2018

Matt McCourt Bass/Vocals Vido Sinn Guitar Dave Hathaway Drums

past members 2007

Tim Hastay Drums Jason Moser Guitar

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2007 lineup