Wild Dogs 2007-2018 Robert Robinson guitar troy Stoytzman drums 1 album live in germany at HOA 2008







Aug 2007 I was about to launch into a Motorhead tribute , Neudi Neudirth who is best known as for his Strike TV show on European Street clip network contacted me inviting to get booked on to the bill for 2008 HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR FEST I had no band together that was capable of doing justice to the Dog's music. I had helped get a few 80's bands to reunite for the fest after King Fowley connected me with the promoters Juergen Hegewald (Hellion Records)

Michael and Pete were off.. doing other things and were not available i needed a superior guitarist, the first guy that came to mind was Robert Robinson from the 90's group Lovelode a regional favorite and the ONLY player Mike Varney offered a deal to He was not interested in going back into the music and it took a little convincing. Robert was a contractor and knee deep in mud and lumber and his kids and family life although he did think it would be an awesome trip to go play rockstar in a foreign country. As a fan of the original lineup he had been influenced by Jeff Mark and his whammy bar and the'bombastic statge show and the group.Next i needed a drummer and from out of nowhere pops in Troy Stutzman i had played with in a metal blues band in 1998 he was hard hitting solid and like Jaime st James played the kind of solid groove the original tunes needed he wa salso a fan of the original band and a siper person and he lived about 1/2 mile from Robert in vancouver and had a place to jam, not a requirement but it made it much more attractive for both of them. Jason Moser the guitarist from Ace Of Spades on bass at first but his family and job took priority and so i took on the role of bass player and we went for it as a trio like i did before ( the set was a mix of dr mastermind and Wild Dogs tunes like the 1998 version .

We spent a year rehearsing and doing local shows to be a real band not just a one-off deal and flew to Europe. Robert got stopped and taken into a room in Frankfurt when we landed and he was found with a suspicious wah wah pedal, the younger securty soldier kept saying "it is a WAH- WAH you know? like Jimi Hendrix?" but they werent having it.

a few shades of pale later we were off in a rental car on the autobahn with Troy behind the wheel and it was the time of our lives.Performing for 5000 metalheads who knew the songs and at least 500 of them were my "friends " on My Space that was amazing to meet them in person and people who bought the first LP on the original import in 1982 it was a bucket list for me and an amazing time for the other two we never got this reception in Pportland ever, after our set at HOA there was a meet and greet that lasted through the next band's set. We did 3 shows during our week long stay , the Warm up show at PLANET ALSEN, where we met Dirk Horman we made friends we all still communicate with today HOA joanda and Thys Bruijins from the dutch ban Hamerhawk came from NL i met them on the trip to NL with Mentors' Sreve Broy and the final show was at Hamburg Ballroom people were starting show for the Wacken fest the following weekend. it was packed then with couple hours sleep we were off to get lost n the way to Hamburg Airport getting wrong directons from a Turk who ran the internet cafe ( it was 2008 phones did not work the same way as they do now)

we kept going when we got back to Portnad and played many shows opening for Chris Holmes the WASP guitarist and sharing the bill with many local acts at the Roseland Theatre.( and in a rare case of my professional courtesy i than Dan Crenshaw for the opportuniities he provided

The most notable evebt was the show with RAVEN who i met in 1983 when Wild Dogs was low on the Bill with Anthrax and Raven Headlining the live at the inferno tour at the sold out Starry Night and in Seattle but i do not recall that one i made friends with John Gallagher in a most unusual way and we got in touch years later on line same with Anthrax screamer Neil Turbin who had Dr Mastermind Guitarist in his death riders band in 2005 The Raven show was 2010 and was the most fun ever so much shenanigans backstage we forgot to tune up and discovered it during the first song we were too busy singing MENTORS songs with Raven

This band released a live cd recorded at HOA called " live at Headbangers Open Air" and a few other tunes we wrote and recorded with Bryce Van Patten that appear on the "Evolution"cd, in 2011 the band played the local BLACK CIRCLE FEST( promoted by Jake and Nick Suerpchi who at the time had awell known band called Ceremonial Castings. Jake has been succeeding with a new group called UADA)

BLACK CIRCLE fest was a 3 day international event with Old School, Death and Black Metal days. we co headlined with Katon De Pena and Hirax Vicious Rumors' singer Brian Allen joined us for a great cover of the priest Classic METAL GODS Rob Trujillo and Rock PDX got some great video ( below)

Robert was launching his own band and music and i felt it burning in him i also fel that for success you NEED to give 100% focus on any thing and he assemled a band and releases 6 albums and reissued the LoveLode albums and started playing shows we did 2 wild dogs shows in 2012 at Branx ,formerly Euphoria and a house party with Wehrmacht with Mondo( Poison Idea Mayhem Dr Mastermind bassist so i cold be lead singer (it was not the same with me sober.... nothin worse than an old fart being sane when you had a rep for insanity )

in 2018 we regrouped for the NW Metal Fest put on by James Beach the author of the book about NW Heavy Metal and Rock from 1970's- 1980's aqnd beyond it still has yet to be printed and published The weekned that happened we headlined the Twilight room Portland on friday night to a sold out crowd promoted by Famine Fest NW Chris Nukula, bass player for local thrash kings Raptor. the next night is the NW Metal Fest in one of my favorite cities Seattle and we meet up at Troy's to see the ass and hair of Evil Genius bass player stricking out from under the hood of Troy's van wrenching on a water pump that broke after the twlight gig He fixed the problem and we were off headed North

Seattle, was our biggest west coast fanbase where the original band performed many many times to huge crowds it is another 3 day festival and this was day 2 i knew so many people ( along with the portland bands who performed at this shin dig Glacier Cruella were among them with hardly any sleep the night before( or in my case weeks of never getting a full night's kip we slayed em and seeing so many of my old Seattle friends Bret Hartman Brett Miller, Craig Cooke the promter who brought us to the Emerald city so many times james Tolin ,Jeff Braines ,Culprit drummer Bud Burrell and world famous photographer Iron MIle Savoia and more it was like Facebook in 3D and more than made up for the odd reunion in 2010 the only band missing from this historical event was Culprit and Scott Earl.

I knew this was gonna be my last Wild Dogs show but kept it to myself ,.. you see, in 1998 i thought i could have another shot at "almost famous" during the first wave of the 1980's resurge but by now it was getting close to 40 years past 1980 and if you weren't there you simply missed the whole thing .Twas time to just pack it inand let the music do the rest i recorded 3- albums my plan was to leave a BIG BODY of work along witha big body when i die and since 142 people i n knew had already beat me to the grave,I figured "That for the grace of god or lack of room there i go as well." My strategy in 1996 was to get the original band back together to play Germany ( becausecof the offers of these awesome paid- for trips to perform at WOA fest) but it never wokrked out .Then Danny Died in 2013 so it was just over. ( i got the call from Troy who was friends with him I was working for Raven as a gear Mover t to let me know Steve Broy of the Mentors was there and Aprl JOnes was adding some interviews for the Mentors Documentary at he s venue before the gig which lighten up the atmosphere. I

n 2019... Chris Nukula put us on a bill( Ace of Spades) with a few tributes "Slayer Undead" fronted by Everclear bassplayer Craig Montoya headlined but in rehearsal my voice just would not cooperate when the Lemmy voice was always there before always ... now it tasted like blood which started during rehearsals for the NW Metal fest weekend maybe tuning Down to D for Robert or maybe it was just time to stop! i couldn't make it more than 4 songs before my once no fail voice would not work anymore( good ting i like instrumentals better!) i can take a hint and i cancelled turns out the young metal heads dont really like me or the music we made or any of us portland 80's metal bands i caught a post i was not supposed to see and learned this they may say they like metal but are the furthest thing from what we respresent or stand for everyone likes nostalgia but only those who lived in the time when they were new are the TRUE Metal people the yong kids are just fakers with a completely foreign mindset than what it took and why itr made such a dent with so many people during the 199- 1987 time period and it will never go back we didnt have a ME TO movement and people were never offended by the trvivial nonsense that is such an issue these days ... we didnt skateboard and we did not have video games we had sex drugs drinking and ROCK N ROLL and unless you were there... you just flat out missed it, and it was more fun than you will ever know ,,, blame YOUR parents for that... ( im exempt i don't have kids so i never had to live by any of those rules.) they didn't swear on records.we had inuendo, and everyting was just so much more free! you would have to grow up during a war to really appreciate the fun times i supose we all tought we would turn 18 be drafted and die fighting in the jngle unsure of the reason we were there.




Matt McCourt Bass Guitar Vocals

Robert Anthony Robinson Guitar Vocal

Troy Stzman Drums Vocals

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from Black Circle Fest


Live at Headbangers Open Air Germany 2008