the VULTURES 1994-1995



in 1995 ! wanted to have a band again after the Bloomstone Brothers, i was ready to RAWK. having written a set of songs and demoed em with a drum machine

i thought heyyyy how bout the voodoo dolls i had played drums on a recording of theirs a month before Lesle was Evil Genius guitarist Chris Jacobsens's wife when he was in the band and so i knew her as the woman who lived at the Mentor's Pad in Hollywood i figured if she could handle those guys,,,,,,,

and i called up and said hey wanna play some punkish rocknroll? and that was it. we booked shows all over the city and played in the starry night big room a few times ( it was my home base for shows then and fromone of those shows comes thnigs tune "Dont Call Me lazy" ihave all these songs on a tape and file called vultiures Album i just havent out them out b ut i tink i will in digital download from