MAYHEM USA 1985-1986 Thee Slayer hippie aka Steve Hanford, Mondo, Eric Olson, Matt McCourt


Very Sad NEWS Steven Hanford Died this morning May 21 2020

he was ana mazing human being who was a good friend since

we met outside music millenium in 1982 his talent and

personality will be missed






The day after the infamous walk out at the starry night on the Wild Dogs ,Thee Slayer Hippie Steve Hanford called me and asked if i would sing for Mayhem and praisied my punk rock actionthe previous night.I went over to Eric Olson's (VEG) to jam and began a great run with these guys who were "my kind of people "

we played shows with HIRAX and Italian sperstars RAW POWER and the OILY BLOODMEN i was back in a familiar element . This lineup recorded one LP called Burned Alive a thrash classic at Recording Associates with Bob Stoutenburg

I think i had already introduced Steve to my pal Tom Roberts ( who by then, known as PIG CHAMPION and leading the charge on guitar for Poison Idea, who were about to add a 2nd guitar to the group and re arrange the line up, the memebers of Mayhem joined the ranks of the kings of portland punk and took that band to the next level

Mayhem began with Steve as a wee lad starting the band when he was 13 (when i met hin he was 11 years old outside music millenium the record store i sold tee shirts to him and Steve Nims whose brother later played bass with PI( Myrtle Tichner ) by age 16 Steve was promoting concerts at Satyricon daily doubles all ages in the after noon and over 21 shows at night Brillaint move as the all ages clubss were going away.

I had a great time with these fellas i was on the run from the law due to a "discrepancy" about being paid by the new owner of the ghetto apartment we refer to as the villa and living on a boat house on the mighty columbia river( right next to the landing strip for PDX almost as loud as Motorhead that place was)

unfortunately i have No live photos or videos of the group and never have been able to find anyone who does But i can assure you it did happen becuase we have These group pics shot at the aforementioned boat house ( where i met Nigel Skeet a British photographer who recognized my wild dogs tee shirt and told me he worked for Kerrang until he moved here to live with the people who started AARDSHOK America once again right place right time for me ...

Eric Olson- aka VEG Guitar

Steven Hanford- aka Thee Slayer Hippie drums

Mondo Bass

Matt McCourt voices