The East Side Stranglers Heavy Hetal Blues Band 1991-1993 Matt McCourt, Kiop Doran ,Mike Albertson, Scott Spencer


I love the blues always have sinc ei was first into music ( after the Beatles of course but i could see where they and the rolling stones came from and rock n roll owes it all to the blues.i heard allman brothers on a radio concert new years 1974 and really dug inbto them in 7th grade where i would lie and tell peple i was "kevin Allman" cuz my hair loooked like duane allman's. Kip doran was abig blues hound too and he really could shred the johnny winter licks i just never could handle i looked up to kip he was a lifelong frined with music. so we decided to male a lues band and play the rock clubs hahaha there were a handful of andy gilbert booked places that wold book me on a short night so i was a rehearsal with bar and bartender deen would show up once in a while when i he wasn't touring we wrote a few songs but never recorded

i can't remember ow i hooked uop wth mike albertson but we knew each other from 10 years before that biut i spent a lot of time in the sellwood moreland area at the time probably at the liquor store or 7-11 i didnt have any money but if you got a little drunk it seemed like te money lasted longer hahaha since i started uismetal records i also styarted another "label" Apris for non metal mujsic andi have released 2 blues albums the psychedelic metal blues experience has 2 releases and much to my happy surprise peple bought them when they were at cdbaby these ARE available at itunes and apple music and 30 other otlets (when cdbaby ditched out with the pilot it left me to handle the physical cds uinmtil it is available at ebay you can always getit on download if you trype the name in correctly


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