WILD DOGS :Out For Blood : songs jeff Mark and i wrote during the early 90's and recorded at his home studio as i tried to get the band together and ready up for the 1980s resurge that was bound to happen.a nmber of drummers apear on this Deen Castronovoas shopwed up fpor quite a few sessions as does Bassist Danny Kurth



WILD DOGS: Man's Best Friend plus S/T A TWO FOR ONE CD...

King Fowley had done this one about a year before and then i did my own version two complete albumson one disc


WILD DOGS MKII: King of the World

when the original band decided to not to pursue a 2nd attempt at the big time* i got my own trio going originally called EVIL GENIUS we rehearsed up a set featuring both Dr Mastrermind and Wild Dogs songs and started getting bookings Double Tee Concerts the big promoter in Portland put Wild Dogs on the poster for the Great White/Dokken show in 1999 they wouldnt take an argument from me they told me matt YOU ARE the wild dogs this is your band and th name stays and why bother arguing ? this band put the time in and wrote songs every week for over a year and a half and recorded 5 at the same studio wild dogs started ,Recording Associates we recorded every reeharsal and i took the best from 30 sessions and found 13 more tunes on and finished them at Man In Black music and the are on thius album MIchale Brown the extraordinary Guitarist and Pete Laufman the Orignal drummer for Malice make this set a cohesive band effort


The Mentors Church of El Duce : Numbeer 2

in 2001 i began recording with Mentors Bassist Heathen Scum there is a first with the amazing Honey Davisd on guitar but i started with the 2nd one he brought his band of crazies to MIB studio fr the weekend and we laid down a ful set and that set the tredn Steve Broy would come to portland and we would record 2 days and make songs up on the spot and by sunday night we'd have a full album


Mentor Heathen Scum's Church of El Duce Ladies Man:

this one inclides a rare recording of a song that Steve and Eldon recorded as well as a full set of x rated tunes


Mentor Heathen Scum's Church of Eld Duce : NOT SUITABLEFOR ANYOE

the name is intended to make you take notice as is the plain white paper cover more of the same with h just steve bory bruce and muyslef( once he realized i can play guitar as well as the best of em i took over that position and did Half of the vocals


Church of El Duce :the DEVIL'S HAND

named after a mine i saw late night somewhere i was shown a picture and let me loose on the over art is pent alot of time with steve recording in the late 1990;s on a trip to seattle to record we watched the shock and awe of 2002 and wrote a song about that it reminded me of the usual suspects becuase we wrote songs about stuff we saw like tkaing a break and going to thebooom oom rook while at bruces and coming back and wiritng lyrics as we sang them i can remember one n after noon a sunday and the dancer was a dead ringer for the 3rd rock star Kirsten Johnson a celebrity crush id had since the show started i can still smell her now 15 years later! it was great fun doing all these songs and being around the crazies i introduced heathen to the younge bunch in pdx and they starte recoding with him the necro drunks were very mentors influenced singing drummer but ill tel ya Eldon Hoake had class believe it or noit he was th emaster of inuendo and clever lyrics until they followed GG Allin on tour .. i was trying to recapture tha "innocent " era of the Mentors but the shock rock genre had been tarnished by this time the song Devils hand appears on the defenders of Metal Compilation cd put ut by BVP on MIB music