The Church of El Duce



Steve Broy called me up and wanted to record with me in early 2002 I mentioned that my friend Bryce Van Patten had a studio here in portland oregon i had been working in and he came up to Portland and spent the weekend bringing the amazing guitarist Honey Davis with him and a drummer

He had a dozen songs and we knocked them out ina short order this became something we did about every 6 weeeks or so i went upto seattle and hung out for a weekend recording during the shock and awe event in the mid east steve had heard bryce drumming on a cd of mne and i siad why not come up by yourself and we'll just do it with bryce and that became our normal MO he had me play lead guitar on a few tracks and was impressed by my style and we finished over 100 songs in a cople years

Steve flew me to Amsterdam to hang out and record there i met some of my best long time friends on that ( my first trip to Europe)

Heathen Scum had come to an Evil Genius gig in seatle at gorilla gardens in 1985 his friend chris Jacobsen was one of our guitarists ( Chris as i understand had a lot to do with the rebirth of Metal Church he was roomates with Kurdt Vanderhoof) but it ws him showing up at a British Steel Show at the off ramp( el corazon) that really kicked off our long distance friendship and about a year after that we were recording at MIB studios with Bryce Van Patten and that set my ruthm up fpor recording Thanx steve becuase of you my catalog grew like a............. well years passed and i had met some yug cats with mentors patches on their denim vests and i mentioned i knew the band and gad recorded quite a bit with Steve Bory(aka) Heathen Scum and B-I-N-G-O i booked the band into the red room which b ecame their pdx stop for a few years and the young fellas became frineds and eventuallyh recording with steve( the Nekro Drunkz did a cd or two with steve it worked out perfectly they were a 2 person band guitar and drums( seems like a lot of those unfinished linmep bands were performing in portland Local Film maker and portland community college student April Jones decided to make a documentary of the Mentors and went on tour with them its a great well made movie and im in the film in an interview as is Raven and many more . As i got more busy with my bands and rebirthing wild dogs and bruyce not havig a proper studio anymore we just never recorded again steve kept the Mentors motor running until Antifashut them down and another feminist groojup got them detained in Canada( Marc deloin who joined th eband on drums was locked up for a few days while they sorted out out his identityh was NOT El Duce( Eldon Hoake) who had been dead for a decade by this point Marc left and Steve carried on i watched forom the sidelines

it was all fun and goofy 6th grade stuff i am not the clever wordsmith ERldon was but Steve thought i could be ( the Mentors were nhillariously funny in the beginning Tom Roberts spun me the live at Cathay Du Grande lp the funny mentors music that took a left turn at GG allin street and never returned i thank steve for putting the recording bug in me and takling me to amsterdam and meeting all these people who are my friends there it was a life changing experience