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Welcome to my page dedicated to helping others who have Bells palsy i will provide some tips on how to deal with this condition ( it is very common i never heard of it before i had it!)

disclaimer: I am not a doctor this is just my real life experience of how i deal with this condition that once i realized was not a stroke began to get real and live i with it there is no cure time seems to be the only thing that does it,,, you have probablyh read a bunch online about this already but they never seem to covewr the pobvious doctors love cures and there is no cure really becuase they cant pintpoint the cause its different stress or a virus or even just being cold have been listed as a cause inmy case i woke up with a really cold neck and bad pain in the neck i thought i slept crazy on the neck but later in the day my moputh didnt wanna cooperate while drinking and it got droopy in the night freaked me right out..

this condition WILL freak you out so try to stay calm as you can you will get stuff in your eye that causes mucous or irritation you get fuzzy sight it more than likely( as in my case) its the irritation over your eye i thought i was goin blndey but nope just JUNK obscuring my vision i get it out VERRRY GENTLY with q tip sqab with eye wash and pretend im putting on mascara( eyeliner) it uisually gathers oin the inside of the bottom eyelid dont dig just hardly touch it and it will go for a ride on th qtip and bring the whole binch n a clear string( put an eye drop in after )

you will need a box of straws or a crazy straw if ya wanna have fun( try to have fun this will be part of you for a little while so if ya dont wanna change y9our shirt every time you drink get some straws( the earth lovers will understand) and restaurants frown on topless diners( if they are even open! with covid-19)

first tip: Swim Goggles ! showers can be a pain in the eye! so swim goggles helped me keep the chlorinated water out of my open eye( you dont know how often you blink until you can't( ebay $9.00)

2. motorcycle goggles for driving! same thing keeps the crap you never notice out of your eye * ebay ( $9.00)

there is no reason this condition prevents yo from being youexcept for being super tired alot! and it will

3. eye drops i prefer NOT to use systane with all the stuff in it the eye doc reccomended refresh tears or the preservatives single use tube ( that can be( dont over do the drops re used for 24 hours if you dont get the generic brand they dont have a cap but are more expensive get some eye wash as well cuz you will get some stuff in the open eye ....

4.Vitamin B-12 100 mg

Magnesium - 400 mg

i take these at bed time as i read on the facebook support page * also take then no melatonin ) in the morning potassium mag b12 they seem to help i also have a GNC brurn shakethat has more vitamins

and i dont have to play darts witrh the food on a fork in the morning( thanx to covid im not working it wold wear me out in an hour i deliver for a communutit college- copy paper to 7 camouses and all the in class handouts for the print center....and now thanx to covid i got the lay off notice as of dec 31 i washoping this would be the easy last few years before retirement ) i got hired on the 911 and it feels like my towers are crashing so why not have a condition like this feast or f^&%$ing famine right? yeah it makes me angry or it did but like i said make friends with yur droopy condition and try to laugh cuz why not there isnt much else to do peopel will adapt to your new way of talking or y9oull hear more WHATS than the scene in pulp fiction!

for sleeping i take Melatonin- i dont like sleep aids but this works with no after or side effects

( i take mo other medications prescribed or not)

5. i take potassium in the morning to replace all that i pee out during the night i drink therefore i pee

alot cuz i drink alot of water everyday so if yu drink it all goes out this way and pP is hard to obtain thr food ( sodium free vegs and stuff has potassium in it it is commonly used as a salt substitute .

6 ibuprofen for pain behind the ear that only happened for me for 3 weeks or 4 but it was nasty i dont have headaches ibuprofen i recently read raises yur blood pressure i dont need that so aspirin worked

7massage your face youtube has many tutorials on that and it feels good and you need to remind your muscles they are still there! a lyft driver who had it twice on both sides suggested blowing up a balloon

8 BE PATIENT grwoing weed helped me learn this trait which comes in very useful and after 20 years of that its part of my MO you cannot hurry nature ya wanna eat carrots you have to wait til they are ready for you...

I got this a week after 4 months of intense web building( first i had to learn the program to do it! i made 50 video or so for this intense denial of the covid closedown ? perhaps but as soon as i finished my best friend died,my mom was having back issues and i got this OY Vhat a VEEK! that was jun and now im here and ,my purpose is to help others as they have helped me by using my tools on website and video production

so i hope my aim is doing what i intended ... and all my best wishes and love to you all we are in a special club that only chosen people who are IN can understand and if facebook sucks every where else w and people are bad examples of humans the bellspalsy support group pages are the opposite they have resored my faith in humanity! so thank you for coming my nazmer is matt mccourt this is my website

get some rest!