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Yes here it is my friends finally i have sat down and wrote down without so many typos i may add.... the words to the first 2 wild dogs albums whew! what a task! thanx for requesting it or.. go back to the main page LIFE IS A GAMEWILD DOGS *S/T BORN TO ROCK*S/T WOMAN IN CHAINS *MBF BELEIVE IN ME* MBF READY OR NOT * MBF ROCK'S NOT DEAD *MBF ENDLESS NIGHTS * MBF BURNIN RAIN* USMETALVOL IV CAN'T ESCAPE YOUR LIES * S/T TWO WRONGS DON'T MAKE IT RIGHT* S/T NEVER GONNA STOP * S/T NOT STOPPIN * MBF STICK TO YOUR GUNS * MBF LIVING ON THE STREET *MBF TAKE ANOTHER PRISONER *S/T BEAUTY AND A BEAST * MBF TONITE SHOW *S/T USMETAL VOL II THE EVIL IN ME * S/T I NEED LOVE * S/T