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Originally a studio band for a local recording school Wild Dogs quickly became a fave with their 5 song demo tape.,"The Tonite Show "written by bassist DAN KURTH was included on Mike Varney's 2nd record U.S. Metal vol2, (SHRAPNEL RECORDS)The searing guitar work of JEFF MARK their identifying trademark . Dummers PETE HOLMES(Black-n-Blue, JAIME ST. JAMES also from B-n-B, preceeded DEENCASTRONOVO a 17 year old with monster chops,who later joined a host of Shrapnel quitarists including MARTY FRIEDMAN (((Megadeth) on their solo efforts.before joining BAD ENGLISH, HARDLINE, PAUL RODGERS, OZZY OSBOURNE, and currently is with JOURNEY. vocalist MATT MCCOURT recorded DR MASTERMIND while WILD DOGS released REIGN OF TERROR" on ENIGMA im 1987 the band still records in one form or another lotsof unreleased material recorded in JEFF MARK's POWERHOUSE studios go to page 2


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