by Tom P.

A wonderful value. I have bought pretty much anything Katherine Thomas advertises, because all of it is very reasonably priced, and arrives in a very timely manner. We so wish she would come here to the west coast to play live!

A Julliard graduate, Katherine is completely proficient on violin and guitar. I often find it hard to distinguish between her violin-playing and her guitar-playing. She spends so many hours transposing classical music into guitar, it’s hard to believe she gets to the gym. But look at her! She’s in there.

This video is not for the faint-of-heart. This is some serious stuff, too intense for some folks. I really like it, even as a dominant male. I absolutely adore, respect, and admire The Great Kat.

Kat looks completely yummy, and guys will jerk to the video of her in her revealing costumes. It’s worth ordering just for the porn quality.

The “Castration” part is quite gnarly, and will fuck yer head up good. The live footage is absolutely amazing! She plays like you only wish you could. And me! “Dominatrix” is a part that will send you away, or turn you on. “Wagner’s War” is some dramatic footage of war heroes earning their stripes, and expresses Kat’s stand on our country getting our powerful reputation back. Yeah! USA power!

When I wear a Great Kat t-shirt, people ask me why she has to dress like that. I have to say, “She is a virtuoso musician, on a level you will surely never reach.” I think she really likes that stuff. She is a dominatrix.

She does not need to dress like that to sell me on her stuff, because it kicks ass. She could be in a dress.

“Extreme Guitar Shred” is delightfully disturbing!