For those of you whose mind cant go fast enough to grasp Yngwie Malmsteen the first time-here's your new chance
YNGWIE Malmsteen's new album UNLEASH THE FURY is a perfect title Not only is it heavy as hell but heavy on the Guitar side as well where most classical players sounds dead yngwie clealry made his deal at the crossdroads and the devil blues makes its appearance all along he path to gloryville. and im damn glad
A true metal master is back on the attack with fiery inunedo, and searing, soaring lead lines that
are a welcome sound to my ears! The Swedish maestro who i credit solely for the propagation of the neo classical
style that was the trademark of many a poodle-doo wannabe's that sprouted from the nest of Shrapnel Records
BUt Yngwie IS THE ORIGINAL. no exception no convincing, trust me as a former Shrapnel artist myself there are many imitators, but all lack the soul and blues thats lurking behind all these classical runs- once while on the marching out tour
(Wild Dogs was the opener-Talas was also there) we were lucky enough to sit down and enjoy a 3 hour soundcheck that included deep purple, jimi hendrix, and the best display of musical fireworks(well i did at least the other bandmates werent as impressed as i was).. i was into yngwie from his landing, on the same bill with Black n Blue and Steeler in '83 or '84 He was everything i could look forward and see in guitar. al dimeola, on steroids, i was a prog freak Gentle Giant and Billy Cobhman and chick corea and when i heard this guy it lit me right up. The Rising Force album is still my favorite cd to hit the runway with on a plane. UNLEASH THE FURY renews all of the fire that i had for yngwie and you can tell his singing because it has more agression than any other singer on his records, this album is heavy, non apologetic and eclectic with styles ranging from all directrions but all heavy.-no fluffy mtv songs about cars or heartbreak -strong hungry reclaim the crown music is going on here! finally a great batch of super strong songs with the trademark shredding that i love.. like jimi in places and well whadya expect this album is not tryin to be ANYONE OR ANYBODY this i think is what lives inside yngwies head and its great to let the real cat out of the bag,
see- it lives up to my "when nobody's looking" theory an artist if they are of any merit has a vision, if left alone it can be realised
so much music sounds contrived to me today, and knowing what i have been anble to record and decline on my say so has made me a better player as i understand it yngwie has a studio in home so...nothing gets in the way and it makes for better rmusic.
I believe we all got into playing music because it called us to it.. and this album would be one of those turning point pieces that can inspire a new generation of players to take up arms so to speak. its the take your breath away screamin leads and hot run/riffing that makes my skin have the bumps man..this is great shit....... The Real Deal OK America Pick up on it .....
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