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PAUL KEARNEY, UNDOUBTABLY THE BEST ROCK PHOTOGRAPHER IN THE NORTHWEST, the A list of stars he has covered since 1978 is so long it defies webspace~!unfortunately for us most if his work has gone unpublished until NOW! Ive prodded and pleaded to get some work from Paul, Initially a bit resistant to the whole world wide web concept and thanx to digital cameras(no devloping costs!) we are starting to tap into the 600 photos i recieved last week, and tehre is more to come, form this day forth let it be known that these are the halls of fame this is the PAUL KEARNEY FOTO MUSEUM, with notes about certains events by Paul. in tandem with his webzine column we welcome The input and the coverage. * a brief history of the unknown soldier of rock in the rose city.Paul started out going to concerts - in fact he lied to his dad and attended woodstock as a teen living in Boston and hearing bands that Steven tyler and teh other aerosmithers in teh earkly days. Paul has literally seen it all after woodstock, how the entire industry has evolved and the bands, and access to bands and of course the :rigors of Backstage life which, in the wonderful time before deadly diseases were the high price of passion, it was a place no parent would want their 15 year old daughter tthanging out, tarted up and in satin hot pants. willing to "do what it takes to get in the show" most of the time the road crew would be the winners Paul has shot the tour program inserts for scorpions, ads for major music manufacturers, and everyone who comes through portland oregon in all styles of music, with a little luck ther will be some rare photos of early aerosmith, judas priest kiss, scorpions, many on their first us tour, great stuff, Pauls' wish is to publish a coffee table book of fotos and memoirs LA had rodney bingenheimer, mayor of sunset strip, portland has Paul and its time to show the world what awesome work he's been doing

here is but a glimpse,(im up to my kjnees in fotos that need resizing , dime bag from the portland damageplan gig, approx a week before the tragic death of one of metals innovators.

zakk wylde, black label society 2005 ozzfest as is Iron Maiden larger versions for screen savers will also be available. enjoy, more to come.