I formed Ace of Spades 2007 after not playing live since the CMF 5 in Chicago 2005 I thought it would be fun to play my favorite songs f my favorite band i figured id find a few like minded punk rockers and we;d have a go at it and play a couple dates not like the hardcore tribute bands that have polluted the local scene in pdx. I didnt have high hopes in finding anyone but Tm Hastay called the same day i put the ad in and he knew a guitarist Jason Moser ( splintered Throne) we got together and said ok let's do it we did a few shows at some decent places mt tabor theatre Outlaws( Bossanova) and in a few months end of summer i get a message from a tv host Neudi( manilla road drummer) and get offered a spot on the Headbangers Open Air Fest in Germany for the following August. shifting gears becuase i didnt want to go to the place id been tryin to get to for a decade or more i put the tribute band down for a few yearsand got my faithful current lineup together and we giggged and did the germany trip i made a second trip to hoa the next year solo and did a couple shows with a couple guys Korea black singer for stone cold black put me together with on the spot. ( but it was after a wild dogs original guys reunion i started it up againto get that awful taste out of my head ! so i restarted Ace in 2010 ,this time with my good friends Vido Sinn on gtr and Dave Hathaway on drums we giggednearly every week and were fucking amazing we recorded a full tribute cd which is coming out this year i had planned for it a couple years ago but Lemmy died that year and i thought I better wait on this some gigs we combined wild dogs tunes and motorhead and we also killed em with the gem by punk icons FEAR 'I love livin in the city" and made a good bunch of new friends the younger real metal scene in portland that is how i met Nick Superchi who is playing keyboards with Wild Dogs it was a helluva lot of fun for a few years doin these gigs we were great !